I am a multidisciplinary focusing on the use of phenomena and concepts as materials. I investigate the boundaries of media and subjectivity through the application of disidentification to binaries, definitions, and bodies. I study the human corporeal experience as an apparatus extending into realms of immateriality. This often involves the use and observation of systems that reflect the human consciousness. My practice includes performative use of my body in combination with these systems. I am interested in things that cannot be defined, or that disrupt taxonomic categorization and meaning-making, forming gaps in the human consciousness which begin to degrade the artificial barriers between theory and lived experience. My work spans performance, light work, video, installation, and printmaking. I research the embodiment of theory in relation to gender and sexuality, and the use of new media and technology as reflexive interrogations of the human.

I hold a BFA from the University of Connecticut with a focus in Printmaking. I hold an MFA in the Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University (2019-2021).

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